It’s All Greek to Me!


I’m back! Sorry for the ultra-long hiatus. Things have been really busy with school lately! I’ve still been able to find time to read, but not to do much else. I have been sadly neglecting my blog and my bookstagram lately and I am excited to get back into the swing of things as the semester comes to a close and summer begins! I’ll be posting some book reviews in the meantime of books that I have read since the beginning of the year to give you guys some new content. I’ll also be posting up my (late) April TBR and my March wrap up very soon.

I listened to the audiobook of Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods at end of January/beginning of February. It was a very fun, lighthearted, yet informative read and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I love that it was told/read by Percy Jackson because it just made it that much better. I have always loved Greek mythology (I even took a Greek mythology course my first year of college!). Percy Jackson’s take on all of the Greek Gods and myths was so much fun! The narrator was also a perfect fit; easy to follow and understand. I found myself laughing out loud many times throughout this one (guys, seriously, I listened in the car and people in the lanes next to me probably thought I was crazy…I mean, they aren’t wrong…). Even if you have only ever read the first Percy Jackson book, this book will keep you entertained and educated about the world and myths surrounding it. There is a lot of Greek history in here, but with Riordan’s own flair/twist on it. Highly recommend!

Bibliophile_Nikki ❤

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