Aurora Rising – SPOILER FREE Review


5 stars to this fast-paced, fun, heisty, sci-fi, adventure with the best squad in the Milky Way! Thank you so much to the publisher for sending a free e-ARC of this book for review! The amazing duo, that is Jay and Amie, managed to pull it off again! You are pulled into the dramatics of this story right from page 1 and begin to wonder, what in the universe is going on here? I was immediately intrigued by Auri and wanted to unravel her story to find out more. If you put a group of ragtag misfits together and make them learn to work as a team, I am here for it! There was so much snark, sass and sarcasm, but also some beautiful moments among the squad members. Also, in true Jay and Amie fashion, they will undoubtedly rip your heart to pieces. You’ve been warned. I highly, highly recommend this daring, space opera to anyone looking for an exciting read that is out of this world! It comes out on May 7th so go pre-order it NOW!

Have you read AURORA RISING yet? Are you planning on picking up a copy? What are you most excited for about the series? Let me know in a comment!


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